Links I Liked

1. Why Redundant Ministries Can Harm Our Mission

Kyle Ferguson:

“Redundant ministries are often created out of a sincere devotion to Christ and the desire to make a difference. But they may also lack awareness that other ministries may already be seeking to fill that same need.”

2. 10 Perils of Prosperity

John Teevan:

“We must be very careful of prosperity. It has a way of deluding us into thinking that we can afford anything and that we can absorb any shock. For seven decades this has been true. But now we have changed our thinking and our planning and our savings as we ignore the possibility of real economic disaster: Beware.”

3. How Logic Can Help Save a College Student’s Faith

Dave Sterrett:

“Logic and reason are tools that can certainly help prevent our sons and daughters from leaving the faith. But the most important means of preventing your child from leaving the faith is pointing them to spiritual conviction of Christ’s grace.”

4. Whatever We Ask For?

Derek Rishmawy:

“Whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, the Father will do for us (John 15:16). That’s what he says. But does he really mean it? Will God really do whatever we ask for in Jesus’ name? I’ve asked for plenty of things in my days and closed my prayers with ‘in the name of Jesus, Amen’ and got diddly-squat. I know I’m not alone in this. So what gives?”

5. Salvation to the Uttermost

Note: This sermon is out of the verse for which this blog derives its name

Charles Spurgeon:

“For he is able to save to the uttermost them that come unto God by him.” O Lord! make sinners come! Spirit of God! make them come! Compel them to come to Christ by sweet constraint, and let not our words be in vain, or our labour lost; for Jesus Christ’s sake! Amen.”

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